Top 15 Workout Songs That Boost Body Confidence

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The power of music is mind-blowing.  Your favourite tunes can act as an incredible tool for motivation, drive the success of your workout and make that body really want to move. From smooth-rolling hip hop beats to some hard rock and bass-fuelled vibes for a more intense pace, finding the right brain beats will make exercise exciting. Better yet, it’ll make you feel GOOD!

With summer days and beach weather just around the corner, chances are you’re looking to supercharge your workout with some powerhouse music. If you’ve put ‘getting fit’ on your New Years’ resolutions list or determined to rock that new bikini, here’s the hottest workout songs to boost body confidence and pump up your next workout. Make sure you check out the full playlist below too.

Workout Songs | Toward Music

1. Led Zeppelin: Black Dog

The interactions between mind, body and music are more complex than you think. Before your mind even gets into the exercise action your body is responding to the beat. And as your heart rate increases to move the oxygen to those working muscles, it’s the music that encourages you to pick up the pace and fuel those biochemical reactions.

Thus, it pays to put on a song that’s super catchy and fun! Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog ticks all the boxes. And with lyrics like “Hey, hey mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove”, how can you not want to hear it blasting through your headphones during a hot workout?

2. Ms. Lauryn Hill: Doo Wop (That Thing)

Especially great for running, Lauryn Hill’s Doo Wop offers some fine R&B rhythms to motivate your next workout. This powerful lady will have you feeling great about your body with her high-energy tune that’s just as positively thought-provoking than it is fun. With a BPM of 200, it’s a great song to pump up for a 3+km run or jog (the recommended running songs should have a BPM of at least 180).

3. LL Cool J: Mama Said Knock You Out

Whilst the track name suggests it’s for a full-on boxing session, this hip hop number is a popular boost up for any workout. LL Cool J’s hard-hitting lyrics and beat provide the ultimate exercise backdrop. Whether you’re running off the day’s stresses, lifting weights at the gym or building those arm muscles on the boxing bag, Mama Said Knock You Out will give you the energy rush you need.  And the fact that the lyrics make reference to Muhammad Ali, how can you go wrong!?

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Heads Will Roll

No workout playlist can be complete without some Indi-rock vibes and Heads Will Roll is one of the best. Depending on how hard-core you want your workout to be, you can opt for the original version or A-Trak’s remix will spice things up a little more. Use the original version for warming up and cooling down, or add it to that ‘love your body’ workout playlist for a body-boosting training session. Yeah.

5. Meghan Trainor: All About that Bass

Meghan Trainor is spreading inspiring body-image messages all over the place through her music. Her single All about that Bass is a renowned self-confidence anthem to encourage you to love yourself – curves and all – and to just be comfortable with the skin you’re in; perfect for an inspiring and effective workout!

Her lyrics “every inch of you is perfect” will remind you to feel confident, flaunt your stuff and feel and look hot at the beach no matter your size – every body is a beach-ready body. Great for a simple ‘pick me up’ or to get into a great exercising pace.

6. AC/DC: Back in Black

AC/DC have a few workout bangers to rock out too, including Back in Black, Highway to Hell, TNT and You Shook Me All Night Long. Hard rock tracks are essential for your workout to get your blood boiling and your muscles burning. As a band that equals power, it makes sense to include them in your workout playlist. Nothing screams raw masculinity like Angus Young’s insane guitar riffs and Brian Johnson’s wild vocals.

7. Eminem: Loose Yourself

An effective workout is all about losing yourself in the moment and pushing those boundaries. Eminem’s Loose Yourself offers all the right beats and lyrical messages to reclaim your aggression and use it to motivate those exercising techniques.  Whether you want deep creases in your six-pack or an extra few weights at the end of a tiring session, this one will definitely help.

8. Pantera: Walk

Heavy rock, metal and Nirvana-grunge are all needed for the ultimate mass construction workout. Set the volume to ear shattering and transfer that rage to a few extra reps, weights or workout time. And when you’re struggling to get your mean on for those lazy days, don’t run – “walk”.

9. Destiny’s Child: Survivor

Beyoncé is another power-driven women in the music industry sending out those feel-good body messages. Get some of that much needed workout encouragement with Destiny’s Child Survivor, which will get you through even the toughest training sessions. Reminding you that you are in fact a ‘survivor’, you won’t be stopping this workout any time soon.

10. The Prodigy: Breathe

Breathing is the key to any successful workout. Shifting your focus to the way your body moves when you inhale and exhale can bring you back to the moment and keep you focused on those fitness goals and where you want to be. Breathe doesn’t just have those addictive electronica bass lines you can feel pumping in your heart, but its lyrics send out the very important reminder to breathe. Inhale, exhale, and breathe the pressure…

Workout Songs | Toward Music

11. Queen: Another One Bites the Dust

Like AC/DC, Queen have countless of hits perfect for working out too. Another One Bites the Dust and We Are the Champions are the top ones to add to your playlist. When you feel like you’re at the end of your workout, this tune will inspire you to go for more and set you up for the next challenge. And if Freddie Mercury can sing like that, then surely you can do a few more reps.

12. Rudimental: Feel the Love

Every exercise mix needs some dubstep to give you that extra jolt of shuddering energy. Rudimental’s Feel the Love will deliver a massive rush of adrenalin right when you need it – and then get you coming back for more. Great for enhancing strength and endurance during a cardio workout, the fast-paced tempo will have your heart racing for longer.

13. Jimi Hendrix: All along the Watchtower

With a BPM of 115, rock icon Jimi Hendrix’s All along the Watchtower not only has one of the greatest guitar solos, but it’s feverish rock rhythms puts you in the mood for an intense performance. Whether you’re sweating it out on the treadmill, lifting weights or punching bags this deep track cranked through the speakers can get you in the right headspace for a great workout.

14. Q-Tip: Breathe and Stop

Nothing like some firing rap-rhymes to work those muscles and Q-Tip’s Breathe and Stop will get you really feeling it. Similar to having your own personal trainer screaming at you through the speakers, Q-Tip ensures you pick up that workout pace, get up and move harder. Get those blood vessels and muscles pulsing quicker with this one on your playlist!

15. Cali Swag District: Teach Me How to Dougie

Regardless of whether you’re warming up with dance moves or prepping for a fierce cardio session, Teach Me How to Dougie will give you all the motivation. A super funky pump-up song to dominate your workout and launch into a dance craze afterwards, this pop-culture track will lure you into busting out all the moves – moves you’ll be able to pull out in the clubs too!

There’s no denying the benefits of music and how brilliant they are at motiving your fitness goals! Which tracks are your favourite to work out too?

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